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"DWM Re:Heat"
2004 Manifold Records - cd (cat: MANCD043)
Upon completion of the "Dead Weather Machine" project for Manifold Records it was suggested that a second piece be commisioned for release as part of the label's limited edition 100cdr series. Additional un-used textures were blended, edited and remixed with new treatments of the original Dimplex Heater recording to provide a further fifty minute excursion into the machine's eroding interior, unconstrained by the notion of using seperate tracks to define the project (as used on "Dead Weather Machine"). After receiving the final master disc, Manifold instead made the decision to see both projects through as full general releases, rather than let this second work fall into obscurity. Similar to "Dead Weather Machine" in sonic quality, "DWM Re:Heat" is an additional extended wandering through the unstructured pallete of groaning rusted noise and creaking dust covering the vast internal mechanisms of a decaying, long fogotten, but still partly operational contrivance of massive scale.

runtime 51 minutes

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